Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj

Asia's ancient warrior clan

History of Bhavsars

History or the Past is said to be a Mirror of Present. Our present directly or indirectly depends on our past. History has nothing to do with our present existence, but through someway or other it has played an important role in building our existence. Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj, as name suggests is a community of Kshatriyas (the warriors). According to the epics and legendary Parshuram who was said to be an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, had vowed a vengeance against a community of warriors, where in the war he had wiped most of the warriors, off the earth.This had worried two young princes Bhavsingh and Sarsingh from Saurashtra who had foreseen their dynasty meeting its end. They had been directed to appeal Goddess Hinglaj at the holy shrine situated on the bank of river Hinghol in Baluchistan near Sindh which is now at Pakistan, where the goddess assured protection to their dynasty by compelling Parshuram to leave them alone, on one condition that none from their community would confront Parshuram.

The community Bhavsar was named after these two Princes Bhavsingh and Sarsingh. But as the historical period passed away, there was a certain phase of civilization wherein there was a cultural and economic stability in ancient India. In the mean time apart from being at the royal service, few members from the community started developing skills in stitching and dyeing clothes. These skills enabled them to grow as professional artisans and in turn Royal Tailors & Dress Designers. These artisans had to travel a lot as their skills were well known throughout the nation. That was how they settled down across the country adapting to the culture of the area where they settled down, yet maintaining their own. They could flourish just because they could adapt to any kind of situation and adopt the profession that was the need of time.