Gotra is a term meant for an ancestor or an originator through whom a particular family, rather a race of humans have been originated. According to the Hindu Ancestry there are in all eight Rishis who were the originators of their Clan.

The eight primary Rishis (Gotras)

  1. Agasthi
  2. Atri
  3. Bharadwaj
  4. Gautam
  5. Jamadaagni
  6. Kashyap
  7. Vashistha
  8. Vishwamitra

Each of those Rishis had their own disciples and descendents who formed their own clan also referred to Gana. However for simplicity individuals term their Gana to be their Gotra.


Pravara is termed to be a group formed by those Rishis referred as Gotra. Along with the Gotra an individual even entitles to the Pravara where the corresponding Gotra belong to. These terms Gotra and Pravara are regarded highly in case of determining Matrimonial Compatibilities. Refer the Wedding Commandments for more details.

Based on a book we have compiled a Gotra list along with associated Kuldevi and Vansh.


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