Bhavsar Help Desk

Its a great pleasure for us to introduce the Support Center for all Bhavsars across the world. With lots of online Users across the world, they can act as observers and log issues related to the needy who cannot access the world wide web.

Based on the category of the issue logged, it will be assigned to an expert like Local Samaj Office, a Doctor, Astrologer, or any one who may be in position to provide help.

You can report the problems faced by you for which you may need help from a fellow community member. This is a community driven (and not community office driven) help desk, where individuals from the community voluntarily provide help and guidance to other community members. This help desk is not governed by anyone, instead organised in a collaborative way. Anybody and every body from the community can contribute help and tips through this community support system.

What's the benefit?

The benefit will be to all the members. First to those who need help. They will get a ray of hope for help needed. For those who want to help, will get opportunity to help the needy.

The platform is now set. The only thing is now people who always wanted to help need to come ahead and nominate themselves with their area of assistance.

Where to log issue?

Just visit the Support Center at:

To begin with, one has to register to be able to submit support tickets.

  1. Click Register in the Login section. This will display the registration form.
  2. Enter the user name that you want to use for filing tickets.
  3. Enter the email address where you want to receive notifications regarding your activities.
  4. Enter the password.
  5. Enter the captcha text as appearing in the image. This is to ensure that spam bots are not registering at the support desk.
  6. Click Create Account.
  7. You will receive a verification mail in your mail box of the Email ID that you entered during registration.
  8. Open the mail and click the validation link to activate your account.
  9. On successful verification, you will receive the message "Your account has been activated"

You can now submit the help desk tickets by selecting the department against which you want to file a ticket.


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