About BhavsarSamaj.com

BhavsarSamaj.com is an online Communication Platform meant for establishing a network among the Bhavsar families residing across the world. This portal enlightens its visitors with rich information about Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj. This portal made its appearance on February 14th, 2005 when social networking was limited to chats and forums.

The core intention of this portal is to be an open platform for people to share knowledge and collaborate over a social cause (not in form of financial donations but social efforts).

Related Services

The portal channelises various services through its related sites. All the services are free of charge.

  • Bhavsar Wedding and Matrimony Service - The matrimony portal for Bhavsar Singles is available at http://www.bhavsarwedding.com
  • Bhavsar Jobs Exchange - The Bhavsar Jobs Exchange is meant for Bhavsars to list job openings in order to help other Bhavsar Individuals get help in finding suitable jobs. The jobs portal is available at http://jobs.bhavsarsamaj.com
  • Bhavsar Help Desk - An online CRM for channelising the issues of the community members to the office bearers who can solve the issues is available at http://help.bhavsarsamaj.com


This portal is nowhere related to any office bearers who claim to have governing authority over the community and its members. If you have arrived here in search of information related to them, please check the following websites:

This portal is neither related nor endorsed by the Mahasabhas nor their affiliates. This portal is not part of any political warfare not supporter of community social politics. This portal is for every individual Bhavsar who wants to know, network and collaborate with other community members, away from social politics. This portal never accepts or asks for donations. This portal is only meant for sharing information and helping solve the member queries sent through help desk. However the administrator of this portal collaborates with members related to the office bearers to help the visitors get their queries solved.