About BhavsarSamaj.com

BhavsarSamaj.com is an online Communication Platform meant for establishing a network among the Bhavsar families residing across the world. This portal enlightens its visitors with rich information about Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj. This portal made its appearance on February 14th, 2005 when social networking was limited to chats and forums.

The core intention of this portal is to be an open platform for people to share knowledge and collaborate over a social cause (not in form of financial donations but social efforts).

BhavsarSamaj.com completes 10 years on February 14, 2014

Its a great pride and glory to announce that BhavsarSamaj.com has completed its 10 years of knowledge sharing and collaboration among Bhavsars across the world.

Information at a Glance

Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj is an ancient Community originating from the North Western part of India, stretching all the way towards the South Indian Territories.

According to the ancient vedic culture there are mainly five legitimate types of wedding. Brahma, Daiva, Arsha, Pragaptya, & Gandharva. The rest forms of wedding that don't have recognization in the society are Asura, Rakshasa, & Paisaka.

History or the Past is said to be a Mirror of Present. Our present directly or indirectly depends on our past. History has nothing to do with our present existence, but through someway or other it has played an important role in building our existence.

Gotra is highly regarded while fixing wedding alliance. In the past in order to avoid weddings across the same hereditary channel of blood relationships or sharing similar Gotra, few wedding commandments were established.

Hinglag Mata MandirIt can be stated that political stance can counter on humans, but not humanity.

The community portal is developed and maintained by Pravin Balaji Dhayfule, an IT Professional from Mumbai. For any sort of queries or feedback, feel free to contact Pravin through phone or email.

Gotra is a term meant for an ancestor or an originator through whom a particular family, rather a race of humans have been originated. According to the Hindu Ancestry there are in all eight Rishis who were the originators of their Clan.

Its a great pleasure for us to introduce the Support Center for all Bhavsars across the world. With lots of online Users across the world, they can act as observers and log issues related to the needy who cannot access the world wide web.